Sonny’s Pianos- Sonny Stancarone Free “Stress Mangament” eBook and Piano Yoga Music Mp3 Download

Before he morphed into Sonny’s Pianos Vic “Sonny” Stancarone, M.A. Exercise Physiologist  worked 20 years as a corporate stress & fitness consultant, yoga teacher, sports coach, sports medicine clinician, stress management consultant and exercise teacher, he has helped thousands of children and adults to reduce stress and anxiety, improve health, enhance classroom and sports performance and enjoy a more relaxed life and a greater sense of well being. This book is a compilation of articles he wrote for various publications and other articles he used to teach his courses. Also on this link you can download Sonny’s Free Piano Yoga Music For Relaxing and Reducing Stress.

Free download for the Book and Mp3 here


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Sonny’s Pianos Presents Sonny’s Piano Yoga Lesson-How To Meditate While Playing The Piano at Sonny’s Pianos Warehouse

Sonny Stancarone demonstrates how playing the piano is very similar to meditation and how to use the piano to meditate. Breathe, Relax and Enjoy.  See the Lesson Here….


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Sonny’s Pianos- “THE FOX NEWS INTERVIEW” about Sonny’s Piano Yoga Method! (Playing a Steinway)

Play the Video 
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FOX News sent reporter Jodi Goldberg to Sonny’s Piano Warehouse recently to interview Sonny about his innovative Piano Yoga Method for Playing the piano instantly. Based on Yoga type breathing, relaxation and getting into the zone techniques Sonny’s original method also helps improve heath and well being. For information about covering this story or attending or booking a Piano Yoga Workshop visit

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Sonny’s Pianos- “The Fox News” interview about Sonny’s Piano Yoga Method!

CLICK HERE to Watch our segment on FOX News with Jodi Goldberg

FOX News stopped by Sonny’s Piano Warehouse recently to interview Sonny on his Piano Yoga Method and here’s what they said,

“How long would you need to learn the piano? One teacher says his method will have you playing within an hour. He calls it piano yoga.

I’m certainly no concert pianist but I’ve been reassured by pro player Sonny Stancarone, the owner of Sonny’s Piano Warehouse in Bohemia, Long Island, that he can teach even an amateur like me how to connect to my inner musician and be playing the piano in a matter of minutes.

He calls his method piano yoga. He says it is based on relaxing and letting go. He says it’s a concept similar to meditation. The trick is you should stay relaxed and try not to think about the actual notes you’re playing.

Sonny says what makes this way of learning special is there’s no right or wrong way.

We started with the time-honored traditional song of “When the Saints Go Marching In.” And taking those simple musical concepts, we quickly got our groove on.”


Only $14.95! (plus $4.95 shipping)

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Sonny’s Pianos TV Show 57- Sonny’s “Piano Yoga” Method of Playing & Teaching Piano-

Sonny’s Pianos Presents Sonny’s Piano TV Show 57! Sonny’s “Piano Yoga” Method of Playing & Teaching Piano.

This show features Sonny’s “Piano Yoga” Method for instantly playing the piano and enhancing your piano playing abilities through yoga principles of breathing, relaxation and letting go. Sonny demonstrates his “Black Note Flow” Lesson which will have beginners playing the piano and making beautiful music without sheet music in 10 minutes. He also leads you through a series of yoga type stretching and breathing exercises you can do while sitting at the piano to get you into the flow and into the zone while playing the piano. It also features some of the best of Sonny’s Piano Video Tours he created prior to 2010 and a TV News Feature story about his “Piano Yoga” Method.

See this show and the other 56 Sonny’s Piano TV Shows Here…

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Want A Free Piano? Upload your video into our Facebook Contest, Starts 6/07/12

Would you like to win a brand new piano?

“Win a Free Piano” Contest on Facebook!

Sonny’s PianoTV would like to invite you to enter a video into our “Win A Free Piano Contest” on Facebook. Just go to and upload your piano video into the upload box and you’re in the contest. Facebook fans will vote on their favorites and the top three videos with the most votes win pianos. The contest starts on June 7, 2012 and voting runs for 5 weeks. The sooner you upload and enter, the better chance you have to let all your friends and family know so they can vote for you.
We are giving away three Pianos! The Grand Prize is a Brand New Albert Weber 51 inch Upright Piano. Second place prize is a Stief Baby Grand Piano, 3rd place gets a Wurlitzer Upright. No joke. This is our second contest. Come join the fun. Good Luck and Happy Piano Playing.


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The Seasons & Moods of Pianos & People (SEE SONNY’S VIDEO)

The Seasons & Moods of Pianos & People

The Seasons & Moods of  Pianos & People Thumbnail

See Sonny’s VIDEO-

Pianos respond to the seasons like people, cold weather causes contraction, humidity causes swelling and much more. Sonny discuses how pianos sound differently during different seasons. He also talks about how the mood of the player can affect how the piano sounds to the player.

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