You Don’t Have To Stand On Your Head To Do Yoga!

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 You Don’t Have To Stand On Your Head To Do Yoga!

Holbrook, NY November 2011

Let’s face it. We are not all star athletes; Some of us are a little more sedentary, but good news! – Now you can enjoy the health benefits of yoga simply by sitting down at the piano or on a chair.

“Piano Yoga” and “Chair Yoga”

Piano Yoga is a new method created by Sonny Stancarone that enables everyone to play piano instantly. Sonny’s approach combines breathing, relaxation and stretching exercises with basic piano playing concepts and improvisation techniques. Through this method, children and adults of all ages can now immediately enjoy playing piano and derive health benefits while doing so. Gentle Chair Yoga– Seated Series”, developed by Paula Montalvo and produced by Sherry Zak Morris of Yoga Journey Productions, provides a method of performing yoga geared towards seniors and those with limited mobility. All of Paula’s exercises can be performed while sitting in a chair. These two videos purchased separately would cost $44.90 + S&H. Now, with a special offer you can save over 20% by purchasing them together. For more information or to purchase Click Here.

This combo pack makes a great stocking stuffer gift for children and adults of all ages!

Paula and Sonny’s Family Connection 

In addition to sharing a love for yoga and a genuine interest in helping others achieve health and wellness, Paula and Sonny have a unique bond. They are an aunt and nephew with years of yoga practice supporting their respective areas of expertise.

Sonny has a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from Adelphi. With over 40 years of teaching both piano and yoga, he has applied his expertise to create the Piano Yoga method.

  At 80 years old, and with over forty years of practicing yoga, Paula Montalvo is a retired Family Counselor and certified Yoga instructor.

Yoga has been a constant in both Paula and Sonny’s lives. They created their innovative yoga DVD’s independently on separate coasts (California and New York) and have decided to share their methods at a reduced cost so others can also relax and enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Sonny and Paula are both available for interviews, and TV and radio appearances. For more information, please call 631-750-9553.

Sonny is currently running the “Win A Free Piano Contest” on Facebook that has fans buzzing. The contest is heating up with contestants in a neck and neck race to get the most votes and win one of the grand prizes.  To enter the contest, all someone needs to do is upload a video of themselves, family, friends, pets, etc. playing piano or keyboard in any creative way they choose, and then get their friends to vote for them. The videos that have already been uploaded vary from an adorable 3 year old, Nevera, playing and dancing to her keyboard to an exciting improvisational rendition of “Frosty The Snowman”. First prize is a Knabe baby grand piano. Second and third prizes are a Steinway upright and an Aeolian player piano. Seven runners-up will receive a copy of Sonny’s Piano Yoga “Play Piano Instantly” DVD kit.

SonnysPianoTV is an interactive all video website and TV Channel that features piano and wellness TV shows, piano playing tips and lessons, a jazz café and Sonny’s piano gallery with new and used pianos for sale. Sonny’s Piano TV Company sells and ships pianos nationwide and worldwide. 
For More Information, please contact:
Helen Johnson
Sonny’s Piano TV
(631) 475-8046 
  Yoga Journey Productions

Yoga Journey Productions was founded under the primary principle of producing yoga videos that are accessible to all populations, no matter what physical condition, age or life stage a person may be in. Paula is a unique and caring instructor. Paula’s DVDs can also be found on the Yoga Journey Productions website along with other yoga training DVDs.
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Sonny Stancarone
770 Broadway Ave.
Holbrook, NY 11741
(631) 475-8046

Yoga Journey Productions

Sherry Zak Morris

Producer PO Box 626 Vista, Ca 92085 760-599-0055

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