Sonny’s Pianos TV Show 57- Sonny’s “Piano Yoga” Method of Playing & Teaching Piano-

Sonny’s Pianos Presents Sonny’s Piano TV Show 57! Sonny’s “Piano Yoga” Method of Playing & Teaching Piano.

This show features Sonny’s “Piano Yoga” Method for instantly playing the piano and enhancing your piano playing abilities through yoga principles of breathing, relaxation and letting go. Sonny demonstrates his “Black Note Flow” Lesson which will have beginners playing the piano and making beautiful music without sheet music in 10 minutes. He also leads you through a series of yoga type stretching and breathing exercises you can do while sitting at the piano to get you into the flow and into the zone while playing the piano. It also features some of the best of Sonny’s Piano Video Tours he created prior to 2010 and a TV News Feature story about his “Piano Yoga” Method.

See this show and the other 56 Sonny’s Piano TV Shows Here…

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