Three year old plays and dances with her keyboard to win contest on Facebook!

Here are just a few of the video entries uploaded into Sonny’s Pianos’  “Win a Free Piano Contest” TV show on Facebook.

Click below to view video!

Three year old plays and dances with her keyboard to win contest on Facebook!

To view more entries or to upload your own video click here-

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SonnysPianoTV.Com “Win A Free Piano Contest!” "Win A Free Piano Contest"

SonnysPianoTV.Com “Win A Free Piano Contest!”


 Sonny’s Pianos & Piano Yoga TV is having a video contest for a chance to win a Piano! All you need to do to enter is go to the contest page and submit a video of yourself playing the Piano or Keyboard. Good Luck!

Click Here to upload your own video!-

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Piano Yoga by Sonny: Yoga Background

Sonny was first introduced to yoga-type stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques at the age of 10, which helped cure him of asthma. He continued using these exercises on a nightly basis which contributed to him having a successful sports career culminating in a full track and field scholorship to Adelphi University. After studying with a variety of Hatha Yoga teachers he began teaching yoga classes at Adelphi; health clubs, public schools and colleges. He also developed sports performance and stress managment programs based in part on his knowledge of yoga. He conducted these programs through his own consulting company and has helped thousands of children and adults to reduce stress and anxiety, improve health and enjoy a more relaxed life and a greater sense of well-being.

Sonny first incorporated the term “Piano Yoga” into his piano teaching and playing approach back in 2004 when he published his DVD Kit which is copyrighted with the Library of Congress in Washington DC, USA. It has a pictorial poster of Yoga Stretching exercises to do while sitting at the piano and a complete video lesson demonstrating these exercises and how to breathe diagrammatically. The entire DVD is filled with techniques and demonstrations of how to use breathing and relaxation to play piano instantly for health  & well being and to enhance piano playing for all levels. This is all combined with an introduction to the chord method; improvisation techniques and playing intuitively tips. Visit for more Piano Yoga Tips, videos and free lessons.

Purchase The Sonny Piano Yoga For Health & Well Being DVD Kit at

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Piano Yoga Tips By Sonny: (SEE VIDEO) Piano as a Percussive Instrument!

Piano as a Percussive Instrument-Embellish Your Playing!

Sonny demonstrates some quick techniques for embellishing and playing the piano more rhythmically.

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Piano Yoga Tips By Sonny (See VIDEO) “Playing The Strings & Creating Piano Energy”

See more videos Sonny demonstrates some of his Piano Yoga Techniques for connecting to the piano. Here he shows how to play the strings of the piano with your hands and fingers. He also demonstrates a away to create “Piano Energy” by causing the piano to vibrate and emit overtones.

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Piano Yoga Tips By Sonny: Playing Piano For Health & Well Being

Visit for more video tips. Here Sonny demonstrates some  piano yoga and breathing techniques for connecting to your muscian within, and tells a story about the great avant garde music composer John Cage.

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Piano Yoga Tips By Sonny;The Healing & Therapeutic Benefits of Piano Playing!

Piano playing has many healing and therapeutic benefits. In some ways it’s similar to ultra-sound therapy which sends sound vibrations into your body, relaxing muscles and increasing circulation. It gets your energy flowing and gives results similar to meditation, acupuncture and yoga. Piano playing relaxes you physically and mentally, alleviates stress and oxygenates your body. It stimulates the release of “feel good” dopamine and beta endorphins in the brain resulting in a sense of well being(“natural high “)There are all sorts of psychological benefits to be gained by expressing your feelings in this safe and healthy manner. Playing the piano improves mental clarity and tests show it even improves math scores in children. We are referring to acoustic pianos more so then electronic pianos, as the natural, organic sounds that emanate from an acoustic piano are preferable and different then the electronic frequencies that come from a digital piano. There is also some discussion that the metal parts of an acoustic piano may create a kind of magnetic therapy. Also many people report that an acoustic piano seems to improve the feng shui in homes and studios. The healing and therapeutic benefits of having a piano in your home are are endless and today pianos are very affordable in both the used and new markets.Everyone can play the piano! If you can navigate a computer keyboard,then playing the piano is easy in comparison since it has easy 8 note/key patterns that keep repeating themselves. The growing popularity of the chord method of playing piano has also made playing the piano something everyone can do. Give it a try……. you’ll be amazed at how good you will feel! Visit for more Free Videos!

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