Piano Yoga Video Tips By Sonny; Don’t Be Perfect!

Sonny talks about how trying to be perfect when playing the piano interferes with achieving your full potential. He also speaks about how to achieve true success and happiness at the piano and empasizes breathing, relaxing and being non-competitive.

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2 Responses to Piano Yoga Video Tips By Sonny; Don’t Be Perfect!

  1. This site is a breath of fresh air. No pun intended. I believe in using relaxation and meditational techniques in my teaching, and I’ve posted some videos integrating these into my blogs. Would love to share and compare notes. I’ve sent this blog’s link to many of my students.

    Shirley Kirsten, pianist, recording artist

  2. theyogipianist says:

    I think this is an incredibly invaluable piece of wisdom that all pianists should consider. As a yogi I’ve come to learn that there is enough space for all musicians as long as we are true to ourselves. This is amazing! Thank you!

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